Broadcasting and Trading Enterprise; to distribute and sell books, magazines, calendars, brochures and all kinds of publications in printed, audio, video religious, scientific, national and cultural subjects, to organize fairs, exhibitions, and fairs in Turkiye and abroad, to copyright and translate books related to Islamic sciences and Islamic arts, it was established to open publishing houses and branches for this purpose and to continue its activities as a prudent trader for the efficient operation of the enterprise by cooperating with real and legal persons in these matters. In addition to these activities of the enterprise, it also covers the funeral transport of our citizens living abroad, especially in Europe, and the request of our religious officials within the Presidency of Religious Affairs for robes and turbans.


  1. a) Printing Activities

The capacity of the printing facilities established in 1992 has been increased with new equipment and machinery equipment added in various years. In these facilities, books, magazines, brochures, posters, etc. from the Presidency of Religious Affairs and various individuals, institutions, and organizations, especially the publications of our foundation.

requests for any printing; The business center is covered from the design phase to the printing stage at facilities with 4,500 square meters of usable space in the OSTIM representative industrial site, where the pre-press facilities and printing facilities are located together.

b) Publishing Houses and Branch Activities

In the publishing houses affiliated with this establishment, where the commercial purpose is second to none and established to carry out production, sales and distribution and publishing activities of our foundation’s publications on religious, national, scientific, literary, cultural, historical, and philosophical issues; With the publications of official institutions and organizations such as Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Culture, Turkish Language Institution, Turkish Historical Institution, all kinds of publications with religious, scientific, national, historical and cultural content that our foundation deems appropriate are offered to readers. In our 24 publishing houses across the country, we bring together more than 600 printed, audio, and video works belonging to our foundation and 12,000 kinds of books from approximately 150 publishing houses.


Funeral Transmission Services
Services are provided for the funerals of our citizens living abroad, especially in European countries, to be taken from airports and taken home when they pass away.

You can find more information about this issue at the http://www.tdvyayin.com.tr website of the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation Publishing and Trade Company.

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We attach great importance to student dormitories, which we consider equivalent to educational spaces. We open dormitories in the warmth of the family, where you can entrust your children with peace of mind.

 We strive to provide our nation with a male and female student dormitory in each province, where our youths, who are the hope of our future, can stay safely.

You can find a wide range of information about this subject by entering the web address of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Dormitories and Social Facilities Economic Enterprise www.tdvyurt.com.tr.

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KOMAŞ Kocatepe Modern Merchandising Enterprises Industry and Trade Inc. is a Turkiye Diyanet Foundation organization and 99.45% of its capital belongs to Turkiye Diyanet Foundation.

Since 25.05.1983, different sectors such as education, trade, food, merchandising, wood joinery and decoration, health, scalpels, and marketing have been added to the activities started in the construction sector in line with the needs formed over time.

Main fields of activity of Komaş A.Ş.

  • Build
  • Trade
  • Education

Established to provide services and support to Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, KOMAŞ has been operating with this awareness for nearly 35 years, and as a result of the assessment of experience in consideration of the company’s founding purposes, we now have the following competencies: it has become a successful and professional commercial business proven by the service quality it provides in all the industries it operates in, established itself as a brand and trusted company, taking firm steps in the business world, operating in various industries and continuously increasing its profitability in each of them.

Komaş Inc.’s mission

To carry out industrial and commercial activities in order to develop, enrich and disseminate the education, culture, art and architecture of our ancient civilization in a complementary way to the mission of the Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Religious Foundation.

Komaş Inc.’s vision

To be the leading company referenced in the fields in which it operates.

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This company; Following Article 12 of the Revised Law No. 3143 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, upon the requirement that those who will carry out activities such as fairs, exhibitions, fairs, and organizations in Turkiye and abroad are limited or joint-stock companies; Since 1983, TDV Publishing Printing and Trade Company has established the “Book and Culture Fair” organized in Ankara and Istanbul to continue.



a) Book and Culture Fairs

Kocatape and Sultan Ahmet Mosque Book and Culture Fairs

Book and Culture Fairs organized by The Publishing Printing and Trade Company since 1983 and tried to be carried out by our company since 1996 are extended every year in the courtyard of Kocatepe mosque in Ankara and Beyazit Square in Istanbul and have become traditional with the great interest and support of our people and publishers.

b-) Production Center

The production center belonging to the General Directorate of The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been rented by this company and since April 1998, various companies and organizations have been allocated to our company in exchange for their jobs, camera rental, editing, salon rental, studio rental, etc.