Centre For Islamic Studies (ISAM)

Aiming to learn and promote Turkish-Islamic history, culture, and civilization correctly and scientifically, ISAM supports national and international scientific research projects for this purpose, publishes encyclopedias, journals, and books, organizes symposiums and conferences to disseminate the produced information to wider audiences.

ISAM continues to intensify its scientific studies especially in the field of Islamic sciences and contributes to Turkish cultural life and to Islamic research through its studies covering the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans, and North Africa.

On the one hand, ISAM investigates the historical heritage of the Turkish and Islamic world with modern scientific methods and brings it to the attention of today’s people, also it follows religious, social, cultural, and intellectual changes and developments in the Muslim geography, providing knowledge for researchers, scientists and managers, and maintaining its relations with scientific and academic institutions inside and outside Turkiye to carry out qualified studies.


ISAM, which provides a great service to researchers with its library, archive, and documentation unit, has also planned and implemented the training of researchers either in Turkiye or abroad and to carry out scientific researches, so far many staff has been selected for different fields, some of them have completed their PhDs and started their studies as researchers at ISAM (some of them in various universities).

ISAM, which makes very valuable contributions to our cultural life; At the same time, our foundation, which is the cultural treasure of the century, published the Encyclopedia of Islam and brought this work, which is unique in terms of religious and cultural content, to our society.


Science, Culture, Art, and Publishing Board (İLKSAY)

With our scientific cultural arts and broadcasting council, ILKSAY, we make a meaningful contribution to the range of cultural publications by preparing publications, in line with our beliefs and values. With the Hadiths prepared by ILKSAY, The Islamic work has taken its place among the comprehensive assignments that we will be able to convey to future generations.

Islam with Hadiths

The work called Islam with Hadiths, which invites us to explore the world of wisdom and mercy of our Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) has been brought to our world of knowledge and culture by our foundation.  The work presents the example of our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ) over the ages to the reader in a simple and comprehensible language and original manner. Islam with hadiths, 85 authors prepared with 9,782 hadiths prepared in 6 years.

ILKSAY also has signatures on important projects such as Hadith Project, Religious Elders Series, Anatolian Folk Classics Series, Ethics Classics Series.