Become a Volunteer

Who is a Volunteer?

Volunteer: is the one who can demonstrate his physical, material, and spiritual power in the way of goodness without expecting any reward with his own free will.

Based on the vision of “We Serve Humanity in Our Country and on Seven Continents”, Türkiye Diyanet Foundation provides the consigned of charitable to the needy in Türkiye and over 100 countries.

Taking part in these efforts, our Foundation expects our Volunteers to not only provide financial aid but also make people feel that our donors are not releasing their hand from them to the needy people.

How to Volunteer?

The Volunteer Candidate will fill out the Volunteer Form on the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation website and forward the request to our foundation.

The requests that are reached by us are collected in the repository, matching the appropriate fields and areas to-do activities that our Volunteers can contribute.

In light of this information, our volunteers are invited to the organized events if necessary during the event.