Mosques are one of the institutions that play an important role in the development of society in terms of religious, social, and cultural aspects. Mosques that bring hearts together under their domes are the first school of Muslims, the spiritual center of society, the spirit of the city, the heart of the street, the hope of the nation. Since Asr-ı Saadet, mosques have served as the institution representative of all the principles and messages of our noble religion, both in structure and function. All mosques, especially the world’s first mosque, the Masjid Haram, and the Masjid Nabawî, which our Prophet (ﷺ) built first thing after emigrating to Medina, have been the center of civilization, the cradle of knowledge and wisdom, the residence of the poor and orphaned, and the source of the brotherhood of the believers. Mosques, which are branches of the Kaaba and the home of Allah, are places where hearts find peace and tranquility.

We are building mosques that are places of unity and brotherhood

Foundations, which have an important place in Islamic civilization, have been pioneers in the construction and survival of mosques until now; Since its inception, the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation has continued this blessed tradition with its mosques and educational buildings either in our country or abroad. As Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, we cooperate with our Presidency of Religious Affairs in the field of mosque construction as we do in all our activities, and aim to ensure that Islam is understood in its original identity, allowing Muslims around the world to live in unity and solidarity.

In line with our founding purpose, we assist to carry out the activities of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in the country and abroad effectively.

The flag bearer of mosque construction in our country and the world

Our foundation works to meet the mosques necessitated by rapid population growth in our country and migration to cities. After its construction began in 1967, the Ankara Kocatepe Mosque was completed, and then put to the service of our people, our foundation also has built 3,817 mosques, 465 masjids, 2,866 Quran courses, eight training centers, and more than 100 mosques and educational buildings in 25 countries.

The preservation of our old mosques and the inhalation of the spiritual air thereby new generations requires great responsibility. Accordingly, some of the mosques in the provinces and districts, especially the Ankara Kocatepe Mosque, Adana Sabanci Central Mosque, and Konya Haci Veyiszade Mosque, which are considered as a complex, were built and put into service by the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation.

Today, mosques are rising with the efforts of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and our foundation to deliver the Adhans to every corner of our country and every continent of the earth with the donations made by our beloved nation.