It is known that Zakat, is a crucial pillar of Islam, is a necessary element of social life in Muslim civilizations, and with the culture of aid, which is the basic dynamic of our feelings of cooperation and solidarity, we have the opportunity to reach our siblings in need either in Türkiye and the oppressed geographies of the Islamic world abroad.

For this reason, with cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the project “Lest’s Enrich Our Brotherhood by ZAKAT.” was initiated to strengthen Zakat of our charitable peoples with high achievement capacity to a wide range of people both in Türkiye and abroad; to ensure that Zakat not only during Ramadan but is also collected effectively throughout the year; it is a cleansing process of the heart from greed and misery. Zakat is not just a charitable act; it is rather a duty where every Muslim has to give from their yearly earnings and to support efforts concerning cooperation and solidarity with our Muslim brothers.



As members of Islam whose first commandment is “Read”, we support the realization of the dreams of generations and young people who will build our future by offering education, scholarships, and accommodation to thousands of students in Türkiye and Abroad.

This blessed path, which was started to reach a wider audience of religious services and raise the generation to serve in religious services, has grown to seven continents with the strong support of our nation, the diligent work of our Foundation, and the people who are committed to our Foundation.



As members of a civilization that has been the guarantees of justice and mercy on death, and that has been the protector of the oppressed and victims. We spread the helping hand of our nation to millions of people in crisis regions where there is hunger, earthquakes, floods and war, and violence in our country and different geographies of the world, and we ensure that the oppressed whose hope and prayer is Türkiye.



Today, millions of orphans around the world have lost their mother and father in the war, natural disasters, diseases, and various causes.

Our Foundation has been walking the path of goodness for half a century and strives to protect orphans, address their needs, and hope for their future.

We look out for our orphans who are forced to live their lives alone with the support of our nation, who are saddened by the compassion of the father who lacks maternal compassion. We build orphanages in Türkiye and abroad and show that they are not orphaned by the children of the ummah.



Although our language, color, and culture are different, we are instilling confidence in the world again with our sincerity and the trust of our nation without waiting for any return.

We strive to reach out to everything alive without closing our eyes to the difficulties and atrocities of the world.

Although we speak different languages and live separate lives in separate geographies, we build bridges of love by delivering the consigned donated by our nation to the oppressed and the victims.

We deliver our nation’s helping hand to humanity, which is struggling with war, hunger, thirst, and disease in different geographies.

In this period when humanity is more in need of compassion, tenderness, conscien ce, and rightness than ever before, we do not leave our brothers alone in the disasters in Türkiye, by doing our best, with healing the wounds.

Shouldering the burden of human conscience, our foundation becomes the hope of the oppressed who cannot meet even their most basic needs in disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.



We consider every being created by Allah as a trust of Allah, a precious member of the universe, and in this path, we share the blessings of Ramadan with love and brotherhood by establishing tables of goodness all over the world.

In this month when we value sharing and gratitude the most, we try to be the representation of humanity, and we become the hope of the needy in our country and perhaps in the lands, we have heard of for the first time.

In this context, we become the feel a glow of satisfaction of orphans and the oppressed by distributing Goodness packages, aid cards, setting iftar tables in our country and around the world, and sharing clothing for the needy.



As part of the 2023 Qurbani organization on the Needy’s Behalf organized with the theme of “Share Your Qurbani Get Closer To Your Brother.,” 745.535 share Qurbani was entrusted to our foundation in domestic 79 We slaughter in 280 regions from 47 countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Arakan, Africa, the Balkans, Turkish Republics, Caucasus, the Far East, and South America, where poverty and crises were at a great intensity in the city and district center and abroad, and sent the consigned of our charitable to our siblings.



As members of a religion that recommends watering the living and a civilization that carries water to every corner where there are people, we strive to drill water wells and foundation fountains with the support of our charitable in every geography that has difficulty accessing clean drinking water and to keep the heritage left to us by our ancestors.

We are watering millions of people in arid lands who have to travel miles to get access to a drop of water.



Our Foundation, which is in a time a drop of water and sometimes a morsel to the oppressed, needed and sad hearts around the world also addresses the spiritual deficiency with the My Present Is Quran project.

We realized the dreams of hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers working in Hafiz as part of the project that we launched to bring the contemplation, gratitude, and also the book of zikir, Quran, into every home.

In 80 countries, especially Africa, which has not seen the Quran as Mushaf in their lifetimes, we have donated Quran to those in need in 80 countries, including Africa.



Islam attached great importance to reading, knowledge, and those who teach knowledge. Reading is the only way to enrich one’s perspective on life. As in our Holy Quran, whose first commandment is “Read,” Almighty Allah says, “Proclaim! And thy Lord Is Most Bountiful”.

The Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, launched the “My Present Is Book” project to provide the book, which is the source of knowledge, learning, and reading to more audiences and to contribute to the personal development of each individual.



In every corner of our country, we carry out the maintenance repair, and furnishing of our mosques damaged by terrorism while building mosques that give a new consciousness with their spiritual climate, which are the meeting point of Muslims, that unite our souls and bring humanity to the truth, that is indicative of our independence with their presence, where knowledge and wisdom, knowledge and morality are found around Islamic towns, where they come to life, and which lead to the consolidation of our sense of brotherhood.

With the support of our nation, we are building mosques that are the monumental work of the regions they are in all over the world, the sign of Islam, the badge of Islam.

While building heart bridges between the mosques we have opened abroad and Muslim communities, we are living the legacy of ancestors as members of a civilization that has built mosques, houses of worships, in every country it goes to.



Foundation culture, which has an important place in Islamic civilization, has been a pioneer in the construction and survival of mosques, a symbol of unity and solidarity, and this situation reached its peak during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, presently a strong link to the foundation tradition, has continued this tradition since its foundation with the mosques it has built-in Türkiye and abroad. As in every project we have carried out, our biggest supporter has been our loyal nation.

Within the scope of our masjid project, we will build mosques and masjids that are a symbol of Islamic civilization wherever they go with the support of our esteemed benefactors, and we will build masjids that are a symbol of unity and solidarity, a place of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and morality, to the oppressed geographies that will live on the legacy of our ancestors.



We see living for goodness as the reason for existence and we believe that goodness can change the world… To dominate goodness on earth, we initiate International Benevolence Awards program to present to the good pioneers by collecting stories of goodness that are groundbreaking in our country and in the society in which they live in different parts of the world, mobilizing individuals, inspiring their environment, and bringing together people living in different languages and cultures.