Our Beloved Prophet (saw), the messenger of the universal message whose first commandment was “Read”, as the Messenger of Allah who has experienced the Quran  said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.” [Al-Bukhari]. Our Prophet  has entrusted the Quran to us by commanding it.

In cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Türkiye Diyanet Foundation is committed to conveying the age-old universal message of the Quran to the widest possible audience, supporting the efforts to read, understand and interpret it; My Present Is Quran project was launched to support those who want to learn and read, but whose means are extremely limited.


My Present Is Quran campaign aims to give the Quran as a gift, in particular, for geographies that cannot receive the Quran, since it is one of the most valuable deeds that can be processed, and in various languages in our country and in places where the Holy Quran is needed in all corners of the Islamic world, the Quran is presented through donors.


Türkiye Diaynet Foundation has recently been facing intense demand for the Holy Quran either in Türkiye or abroad. Regarding the need to meet the need for the translated Quran, contribute to a better understanding of the Qur’an, and raise universal Quran awareness, our Foundation has launched the My Present Is Quran project in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs.


A copy of the Holy Quran with translation printed on the Official Osmani writing, which can be readable by everyone, will be delivered to these geographies at the request of local NGOs and Religious Administrations located abroad, primarily in the Balkans and Central Asian Countries, as well as in countries in Latin America, the Caucasus, South Asia, and the Middle East.

In the domestic context, requests from Imam Hatip high schools, theology faculties, higher education student dormitories, hospitals, penitentiaries, city and district libraries will be assessed based on the priority of the application and depending on the project feasibility, requests will be met and courtesy of quality Quran translated will be delivered.

Reading the Holy Quran and its measurements

The Holy Quran printing is considered to be of two sizes. Copies to be used in Türkiye and abroad will be 13.5×21 size. A copy of the published Arabic version will be sent abroad with the Official Osmani writing.

A copy printed on Aliyyül Kari Style will be distributed in Türkiye. One Currency donation fee is 100 Turkish lira for domestic and foreign donations including the shipping fee.

In addition, 100 TL can be donated by writing KURAN and sending SMS to 4333. (SMS valid just for domestic numbers)



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