In the predominantly Muslim African and Asian continents, water cannot be extracted due to financial difficulties. We developed the “A Drop of Life” project as a foundation to serve humanity. Through the Water Well and Foundation Fountain project, we aim to meet the daily needs of people, especially from Africa and Asia, and to prevent the inefficiency experienced due to drought in agriculture.

The drilling water wells carried out by our foundation are the most preferred since it is opened with a drill machine at the desired depth and provide for a more hygienic water supply. These wells have different costs depending on the depth, type of soil, the distance of the location to be built from the center. Our wells are long-lasting wells that are opened between 50-500 meters deep and powered by electricity and solar energy. Water stored in warehouses with 10 – 40 tons of reservoirs is accessible to people with 8 – 18 taps. Special compartments are also made for the use of animals if needed. The construction of our wells takes two to six months.

Yargaliga – Road to Water


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