It is known that Zakat, is a crucial pillar of Islam, is a necessary element of social life in Muslim civilizations, and with the culture of aid, which is the basic dynamic of our feelings of cooperation and solidarity, we have the opportunity to reach our siblings in need either in Türkiye and the oppressed geographies of the Islamic world abroad.

For this reason, with cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the project “Lest’s Enrich Our Brotherhood by ZAKAT.” was initiated to strengthen Zakat of our charitable peoples with high achievement capacity to a wide range of people both in Türkiye and abroad; to ensure that Zakat not only during Ramadan but is also collected effectively throughout the year; it is a cleansing process of the heart from greed and misery. Zakat is not just a charitable act; it is rather a duty where every Muslim has to give from their yearly earnings and to support efforts concerning cooperation and solidarity with our Muslim brothers.

Our Fundamentals and Principles While collecting Zakat: :

  1. The information of the citizens who presented their Zakat to our Foundation is protected under the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. Our Foundation is responsible for protecting the information of individuals who grant their Zakat
  2. Zakat calculation program has been completely developed by our Foundation under the supervision of the Presidency of Religious Affairs. No services are received from any institutions or organizations for design and data storage.
  3. Zakat offered to the Foundation complies with religious rules and is delivered to the needy as soon as possible depending on need.
  4. The Activities granted to our Foundation are collected and kept only in the participation banks that work according to the interest-free system.



You can easily make your “Zakat” donations without the need for an account number from all branches and cash desks of the banks we have an agreement with, as well as through internet banking corporate collection systems.

When you want to make a donation through a bank branch, it is enough to tell the bank clerk that you want to make a “Zakat” donation to the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation. All our donation categories are defined on the relevant bank screens. To learn how to make a donation without the need for an account number through internet banking, click on the bank logo on our website at ‘https://bagis.tdv.org/en/bagis/banka-yolu-ile-bagis‘ . No fees will be charged to you in donations made in this way, and your donation/donor information will be automatically transferred to our Foundation. We will inform you about the receipt and completion of your donation to your phone number and e-mail address, as all information will reach our Foundation.

You can also make donations from our EFT/money transfer account numbers with information on the side of Ziraat Bank. In donations made via EFT/wire transfer, if your donation/donor information (name, contact number) is not specified in the explanation field, we will not be able to provide you with any information

For your conditional “Zakat” donations, you can donate to our Foundation by specifying your donation condition in the explanation field through the categories defined on our website https://bagis.tdv.org/ or on the corporate collection screens of the banks.