Adhans are recited throughout the world at mosques constructed by TDV

6 October 2022

The Türkiye Diyanet Foundation has built 4,057 mosques around the world, especially in our country; with the support of benefactors, the foundation’s mosque constructions continue rapidly.
The Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) has constructed 3,952 mosques across the country and 105 abroad since the fulfillment of Ankara Kocatepe Mosque, which began its construction in 1967; it has repaired and maintained nearly 650 mosques that are damaged by terrorism.
Izani Turan, General Manager of the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, congratulated the week of religious officials by reminding them that the 2022 week of mosques and religious officials was organized with the theme of “Our Prophet, Mosque and guidance”.
Turan briefed about the mosque projects of our foundation, which was established to support the activities of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and deliver religious services to a wider audience, and the construction of mosques that were completed and opened to worship in Türkiye and abroad with the support of benefactors.
“As one of the strongest links today in the tradition of the ancestor’s foundation, we built 3,952 mosques in our country after completing the unfinished Kocatepe Mosque, which began its construction in 1967, but which was not finished,” Turan said while speaking about the mosques built by the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation in the country; We have renovated and re-opened 152 mosques in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia that were damaged by the terrorist organization PKK. In cooperation with our presidency, we started to build 121 university mosques, some of which were opened for worship, some of which were started to build, and some of which were projected. In addition, the construction of 9 mosques in 7 provinces is currently continuing.” he said. Stating that they have built monumental mosques all over the world for Muslims who yearn for the Adhans, Turan continued: “We continued our overseas mosque activities in the Crimea, the Caucasus, and the Balkans, which we started with the Turkish Republics, which gained their independence with the abolition of the Soviet Union, we have reached out to Asian, European, African, and American countries with the support of our benefactors.”
TDV has also been leading the charge in building mosques in Türkiye and abroad, Turan pointed out that “We have recently offered 24 mosques in 14 countries, namely, the United States, Haiti, England, Russia, Belarus, Crimea, Cyprus, Japan, the Philippines, Palestine, Somalia, Djibouti, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. In 19 countries, we have sister city mosques. We have carried out maintenance and repair of 491 mosques damaged in the war in the northern region of Syria. Currently, the construction of 7 mosques in 7 different countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Russia, Iraq, Kirkuk, and Kyrgyzstan, is continuing; we plan also to complete the Ahi Evran Veli Kırşehir Mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Tirana Namazgah Mosque and Complex in Albania and open them to worship this year.”
Turan reminded that the Cambridge Central Mosque, which is the first environmentally friendly mosque in England and Europe built with the contributions of the foundation, the American Religious Center in the USA, and the Moscow Central Mosque in Russia was opened to worship by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Mosques carry traces of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture
He emphasized the presence of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture in the mosques they are building and said that they are discriminating positively on projects so that women, children, elderly and disabled people can worship comfortably. Referring to the importance of the Adhans with the mosques built all over the world, Turan said, “Every mosque is the branches of the Kaaba, the first temple of the earth, carries its dignity. Our mosques, which have been the centers of guidance and preaching in every period of history, are spiritual centers where the names of Almighty Allah and His Messenger rise to the crossroads with the adhan. In the mosques, the messages of peace offered to all humanity by the call of Islam for Tawheed are repeated. The place where the dome, the minaret, and the adhan repeated are undoubtedly the Muslim homeland,” he said.
Turan noted that the support of benefactors is needed to complete the mosques under construction, and added that they can donate 25 TL to the Foundation’s “A Brick From Me” campaign by writing “CAMİ” and sending an SMS to 5601, or online donations can be made through the mobile donation application and