TDV aims to deliver Qurbani aid to more than 25 million needy people

20 June 2022

Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) aims to reach more than 25 million needy people in Türkiye and 80 countries during the Eid al-Adha.

TDV, which organizes a Qurbani organization on behalf of the theme of “Share Your Qurbani Get Closer to Your Brother”, will distribute Qurbani aid packages in 81 provinces and 922 districts in Türkiye and 345 regions in 80 countries abroad.

TDV Board of Trustees II. Chairman İhsan Açık, said that since 1993, they have been carrying out Qurbani on behalf of religious principles and with the slogan of trust and consigned.

Last year, stating that we slaughtered 589 thousand 136 shares of Qurbani at 403 areas in the country and 339 regions in 77 countries abroad, Açık said that they delivered Qurbani meat to more than 24 million people.

Emphasizing that TDV has delivered 3 million 391 thousand 173 share Qurbani to orphans, oppressed, and needy in the most remote corner of the world in 28 years, Açık, reminded that in 2022, the Qurbani prices on behalf are determined as 2 thousand 250 TL in Türkiye and 1800 TL abroad.

“They will be able to donate Qurbani from the mobile donation application”

Expressing that they have extended Qurbani donation stands throughout Türkiye, Açık, continued as follows:

“Our benefactors can donate Qurbani from the online donation and mobile donation application form ‘’ and ‘’ addresses, as well as through provincial and district muftis, TDV branches, religious officials, all PTT branches, and banks. Our benefactors living abroad can entrust their Qurbani to our foundation through religious services consultancies, attachés, coordinators, mosque associations, and religious officials in these countries.”

Açık added that citizens can also get information about the Qurbani from the call center at +90 312 416 90 00 between 08.00-23.00, 7 days a week.