TDV opened 5 water wells and fountains in Afghanistan

28 September 2022

Within the scope of the “A Drop of Life” project, the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) opened 5 water wells and fountains in the city of Mazar-i Sharif, the center of the Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, which were arranged into service.

The opening ceremony, held in the Proje-i Hamdard area of Mazar-i Sharif, was attended by Türkiye’s Consul General in Mazar-i Sharif Semih Lütfü Turgut, Deputy Religious Services Attaché of the Consulate General Mikail Akboğa, Balkh Governor of the Taliban administration Mawlavi Kudratullah Hamza and other officials.

Speaking at the ceremony, Balkh Governor Hamza said the water wells opened with the support of the Turkish people would meet the need for clean drinking water for the people of the region.

Stating that Türkiye has carried out aid activities in many areas in Afghanistan, Hamza thanked the Turkish people and institutions for this reason.

Turgut, Consul General of Türkiye in Mazar-i Sharif, stated that TDV carries out humanitarian aid and educational activities as well as water wells in Afghanistan.

Turgut noted that Türkiye will continue to stand next to the Afghan people, as it has been before.

Deputy Attaché Akboğa emphasized that TDV, they have been carrying out water well activities in Afghanistan since 2018.

A total of 8 water wells have been made available to Afghans with 5 newly opened water wells, Akboga noting that these wells also include fountains with a 25-ton reservoir.

Akboğa said that at least 2 people and up to 4 people benefited from each of the water wells.

Akboğa stated that as TDV, they have only been drilling water wells in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif until now, adding that they will start drilling wells in the southern provinces of the country from now on.