TDV made the needy people of Mali smile on Eid al-Adha

11 July 2022

Qurbani slaughter and meat distribution by Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) to the needy in Mali, which survived for two days, was completed.

3 thousand 46 cattle were slaughtered in the 2022 Qurbani for the needy’s on behalf Organization organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) and TDV with the theme of “Share Your Qurbani, Get Closer to Your Brother”.

350,000 people in Mali benefited from the Qurbani meat of 21,322 shares who wanted to have their Qurbani slaughtered on the needy’s behalf by TDV abroad.

After the Qurbani slaughtering activities were carried out in 8 regions, the Qurbani meat was delivered to the needy by TDV officials and volunteers in the Qurbani slaughter areas or by going to their homes.

The TDV team, which carried out slaughtering activities in the Markala district of Segou city, did not forget the Malians who left their villages and were treated in hospitals. The officials went to Markala Hospital and distributed meat to the relatives of the patients.

Children’s balloon joy

Izmir Deputy Mufti Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu, who is also a TDV volunteer, presented balloons and candy to children in the villages where they went to distribute meat.

Kadıoğlu and his companions, who went to Markala’s Djiakaking village and distributed meat, presented balloons to the children there. Kadıoğlu, who presented balloons to 11 children one by one, also organized a competition and offered Malian children a different Eid atmosphere.

Lined up side by side, Kadıoğlu and the children made a blasting competition by inflating the fastest balloon by counting down from three.

Kadıoğlu offered all the children the candies he brought from Türkiye, starting with the winner of the competition where fun and funny moments were experienced while comforting the last child..