TDV officials and volunteers visit the orphanage in Mali

18 July 2022

Officials and volunteers of the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV), who were in Mali for Qurbani on the needy’s behalf, visited an orphanage.

TDV representatives visited the Marıam Yatımate Orphanage in the capital Bamako and presented the girls staying there with Eid allowance, T-shirts, balloons, toys, candy, coloring books, and pencils.

TDV volunteers, who supported orphan girls to have fun by making foam bubbles, also distributed T-shirts with Turkish flags to the children.

The children, who were very happy with the visit of the TDV representatives and the gifts they brought, expressed their happiness with the slogans “Mali Türkiye, Mali Türkiye”.

Marıam Sıdıbe, the director of the orphanage, who stated that she grew up in orphanages, said that they opened the Marıam Yatımate Orphanage in 2010. Sıdıbe, stated that she had great difficulties as an orphan girl and that she built the orphanage where she worked so that other orphan girls would not experience the same difficulties.

Sıdıbe declared that girls from the age of 4 to 20 years old stay in the orphanage and said that the young children go to school, while the older ones learned a profession by receiving formation training. 

Noting that they are trying to survive with aid and donations, Sıdıbe stated that their most important needs are food, school, and stationery materials and clothes.

TDV officials and volunteers offered the children various gifts and Eid allowances. 

The children, who showed gratitude to TDV representatives for their visit by praying, repeated their slogans of “Mali Türkiye, Mali Türkiye” while sending the representatives off from the orphanage.