Türkiye Diyanet Foundation drills water wells in two more districts in Ghana

18 July 2022 July 21st, 2022

Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) has opened water wells in the Romanian and Korforidua regions of Ghana as part of a project “A Drop of Life”.

TDV officials, who were in Ghana for the Eid al-Adha aid, reached out to the needy regions and shared with the local people the joy of Eid.

Faruk Özdemir, a TDV commentator, stressed the importance of drilling wells to residents in the area. “Where there is a well, people come for settlement, and the population here is rising. Because there’s no life where there’s no water. The continuous flow of water leads to an increase in the residents of the region. Thus, the human capacity served is increasing.” He said.

Unlike ancient water wells, the water is extracted from a depth of 50-500 meters and thus reaches long-lasting clean water. Solar panels and generators at the top of the water wells ensure that 9 taps operate without interruption.

Each of the water wells drilled in needy areas in Ghana will meet the clean water needs of approximately 10 thousand people for 15-25 years.

The number of drilling water wells drilled by TDV in the country has increased to 58.

Aiming to meet the water needs of people in regions where water cannot be extracted due to financial difficulties and to develop regions, TDV has so far drilled 866 drilling in 35 countries.