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TDV teams are providing aid to the disaster victims in Hatay with the help of 650 volunteers

2 March 2023 March 8th, 2023

The Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation continue to support the earthquake-stricken region in Hatay by providing hot meals and food distribution, as well as spiritual counseling, funeral, and religious services.

“In Antakya, where great destruction was experienced in the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes described as the “disaster of the century”, debris removal works continue, while the work of non-governmental organizations continues in delivering aid from all over Türkiye to the disaster victims. The Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation of Turkey are also supporting the victims of the disaster with humanitarian aid efforts with 650 volunteers in Antakya. The Presidency of Religious Affairs, which set up 13 tent Masjids in the city where dozens of mosques were destroyed and most of them suffered heavy damage, provides services with certified volunteers for spiritual counseling and guidance.

Providing three hot meals to 8 thousand people in 4 mobile kitchens, including the central kitchen, the teams deliver 6 thousand aid parcels, mainly fruits, and vegetables, to earthquake victims, including those in rural areas.

“How happy we are if we can make them happy”

Afyonkarahisar Mufti Sinan Kazancı, Hatay Disaster Coordinator of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, declared that they have been trying to heal the wounds with volunteer personnel since the first day. 

Kazancı explains that donations from citizens all over Türkiye are arriving at the logistics center, including food, hygiene products, tents, fuel, firewood, and stoves, among other necessary materials. We ship them to the places where they are needed daily with our 8 mobile distribution vehicles. We are striving to turn the donations of our citizens into meals and provide this opportunity to our brothers and sisters in need, serving approximately 8,000 people with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.”

Kazancı stated that religious services continue in the masjids they established in tent cities, and noted the following:

“We have opened Quran courses for 4-6-year-olds in the tent cities. We are trying to carry out our national and spiritual service. Children from all over Türkiye have sent their toys, and we deliver those toys to the children we come across and to our 4-6-year-old courses. If we can make them happy, we are happy,” Kazancı said.