TDV Youth Fair in Istanbul

13 May 2022


The TDV Youth Fair, hosted by the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Women’s Family and Youth Center (TDV KAGEM), will take place this year between 13-15 May 2022 at the Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center with the participation of 39 youth organizations. Izani Turan, the General Manager of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, reminded us that the Youth Fair organized its eighth this year, and said that the event traditionally takes place around a particular theme every year on intense interest and demands of participants and that they determined the theme of this year’s fair as “Balance and Worlds”.

Turan said, “Balance is the key to the world and life. Everything in the universe has an unfathomable connection with each other. We owe our lives to these connections and to “balance.” All worlds, from subatomic particles to galaxies and beyond, are built with magnificent cooperation and delicate balance of mind-boggling, and man, in his own way, is made most beautifully. The universe and life have been possible, with countless interconnected, independent, and even opposing variables coming together in a precise, perfect balance. Balance is the place between the soul and the body, the heart and the mind, matter and meaning, the individual and society, reality and the ideal in place, remaining within their boundaries. The reason we chose this theme this year is to remind us that we must do our best as human beings to maintain this unique balance in the world. We also want to make this reminder with the hands of young people and take advantage of their young visionary, innovative perspective.

Young People Will Gather Around the Theme of “Balance and the world”


Stating that the Traditional Youth Fair will be held in Istanbul Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center between 13-15 May 2022 under the name of TDV Youth Fair in line with a new horizon in 2022, Turan said, “This year in our fair; Based on the fact that the greatest balance element in the world is human, it is planned to be organized within the framework of the theme of “Balance and the World” to draw attention to global problems such as environmental pollution, climate crisis, deterioration of ecological balance, recycling, wars, etc. and to raise awareness in public opinion.” Izani Turan stated that as TDV KAGEM, they attach importance to delivering the word to young people in such environments and continued his words as follows: “We know that the most effective way to learn is experience. The younger generation is more sensitive about nature and the environment, which allows us to look to the future with hope.

Stating that they aim to bring together student societies, magazines, and thought centers operating for young people on a national and local scale on a common platform during the fair, Turan said, “I hope this fertile platform will lead to new ideas, new acquaintances, new friendships, and fellowships for all of us this year. Let’s spend a full day or three days feeding our minds and souls.” he said.

The fair will be held on May 13 at 14.00-19.00; Stating that they will hold on May 14-15 between 11.00-19.00, Turan said that with the “Free Fair Events”, the participating organizations will have the opportunity to carry out in-booth activities in the areas allocated to them. Within this framework, “joint fair events” will be organized with promotional, interview, and exhibition activities. “Furthermore, all participants, together with their representatives and members, will co-exist around the theme set out in the confluence of the fair.”

The fair, which will be held on May 13, 2022, at 14.00 with the participation of the President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, will be held with the opening conference of Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar titled “Balance: Inside and Outside”.

Fair activities can be followed on TDV KAGEM and Youth Fair social media accounts. During the fair, attention will also be drawn to the activities in the fair on social media with the #gençlik1alem.