Turkiye Diyanet Foundation volunteers visit a primary school and an orphanage in Uganda

5 May 2022

A group of artists and volunteers, led by the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV), visited Kabowa Hidayet Primary School and Orphanage in Uganda.

The TDV representatives presented the children with Bairam clothes on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr At the school, where 700 students are boarding.

“We saw the future and hope in the eyes of the children,” said TDV Deputy General Manager Abdurrahman Çetin, explaining that they came to Uganda with representatives of artists and volunteers to raise awareness.

The author Ferudun Özdemir stated that they came to Uganda as a representative to see the situation of the needy location and stated that they have personally handed over the trust of the charitable in Turkiye to the needy.

Kabowa Hidayet Primary School and Orphanage has been in service in the capital Kampala for nearly 50 years. 700 students are boarding at the orphanage. Approximately 300 of these students are refugee children from Somalia.

Children who suffer from various diseases due to malnutrition receive medical support in addition to educational activities.