Together with the aid of Qurbani, TDV will also bring to the needy, the Holy Quran

27 June 2022

Within the scope of the “One Qurbani One Quran” project initiated by the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, our benefactors who provide the Qurbani on the needy’s behalf will also be able to present the Holy Quran to the needy. The Holy Quran, printed in 8 different languages, will be delivered to the needy who have difficulty reaching the Holy Quran.

The benefactors who click on the “immediately Donate” button of the Foundation at “” or “” will be able to provide the Holy Quran to those who have difficulty reaching our Holy book at an additional charge of 50 TL when donating the Qurbani.

TDV General Manager İzani Turan, in his statement regarding the project, emphasized that the donation of Qurbani and the Holy Quran is very important for those in need in our country and oppressed geographies.

Turan said the following about how to make the Holy Quran donation within the scope of the campaign:

“When our benefactor, who entrusts the Qurbani on needy’s behalf to our Foundation, will donate through our mobile application and website, there is a box there before proceeding to the donation payment or completion part, “My Present Is Quran for donation type 50 ₺ in the amount of your Qurbani, would you like to present a Quran?” If the donor chooses that part, he realizes the gift of the Holy Quran by adding 50 TL to the normal Qurbani donation fee.”

“Our siblings have difficulty in reaching the Holy Quran”

Stating that they have delivered the Holy Quran, which is a source of guidance and mercy, to the schools, dormitories, hospitals, prisons, and those in need in oppressed geographies in our country, Turan said, “Our siblings in poor Muslim countries have difficulty in reaching our Holy book, the Quran. That’s why we deliver our Holy book to our brothers and sisters all over the world. In many parts of the world, especially Africa, children are trying to memorize the time and verses on which the adults are writing ‘Luh’ due to lack of opportunity,” he said.

Turan also briefed on the “My Present Is Quran” campaign launched in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs to spread the Holy Quran awareness in the Islamic world. 

Explaining that they deliver the translations Holy Quran in different languages to the needy, Turan continued as follows: “We act with the aim of not leaving any place on earth that our guidance, the Holy Quran, has not reached. We have supported the needy and shaped their lives based on the Holy Quran by providing presents to those in need in 81 countries, including Türkiye, with 1 million 305 thousand Holy Quran, which we have printed in Türkiye and abroad so far. We have delivered our Goly book abroad primarily to madrasahs, mosques, Quran courses, universities, and those in need in Africa, the Balkans, Asia, Latin American countries, the Caucasus, and the Asia Pacific countries. In the country, we continue to work on granting the Holy Quran with Turkish translation for schools, dormitories, hospitals, and prisons.”

“We have printed the translation of the Holy Qur’an in 36 languages and dialects”

Highlighting that the most important part of the project is the translation of the Holy Quran, Turan said, “Within the scope of the project, we have printed the translation of the Holy Quran in a total of 36 languages and our distributions are currently continuing in 8 languages. We also evaluate the requests for meals in local languages and dialects from households and abroad. We are trying to support our oppressed and victimized brothers and sisters in this regard with the support of our benefactors.”