Türkiye Diyanet Foundation supports the Eid al-Adha Project in Gaza

30 June 2022

The Palestinian Ministry of Foundations and Religious Affairs in Gaza announced that this year it will support the “Eid al-Adha Project” in Gaza within the scope of the Qurbani on the needy’s behalf program of Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV).

Osama Islim, the general director of the Zakat and Relief Unit ministry, stated that he is preparing to implement a project to distribute Qurbani meat to needy Palestinian families on Eid al-Adha. 

Stating that this project will be realized with the support of TDV, İslim declared that the project has entered its tenth year in cooperation with TDV.

İslim stated that within the scope of the project, the meat of approximately 100 cattle will be distributed to needy families and that it is planned to distribute one kilogram of meat to approximately 15 thousand families in the region.

The Palestinian official noted that families will be reached through the Zakat committees located in different parts of the Gaza strip.

“We thank the Turkish people and government for their efforts in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli blockade for more than 15 years,” Osama added that this project signifies the nature of the close relationship between Türkiye and Gaza.

Osama stated that the goodness of our brothers and sisters in Türkiye to the people of Gaza continues until they are relieved.

The Palestinian official said that the donations offered by Türkiye to the people of Gaza would make people smile during Eid.

Israel has been blockading the Gaza Strip, where nearly 2 million Palestinians live, by air, land, and sea since 2006.